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What People Are Saying

“Pacific Kid products are VERY popular among speech and language therapists, since they use felt board materials packaged in easy-to-travel kits, in a wide array of stories and uses. Children and adults are very drawn to these well-made, detailed, three dimensional materials. Having been a teacher in the past, I often used felt board materials to capture the attention of my students – very popular!"

Lisa Poelle
Staff trainer, parent educator, speaker, consultant, and
author of The Biting Solution, published by Parenting Press

“As a parent of a child with special needs I know how important it is that his hands are always busy! The Pacific Kid products fit this need very well in our home. He loves to use the characters to tell stories, act out his day and be creative.”

Alex Elliott
Former preschool teacher and mother of a child with special needs

Anna Krajcin

“I met a four-year-old student while I was volunteering in Bosnia who would spend all day staring at the wall using his peripheral vision and flapping his hands. We tried hanging pictures on the wall and he would tear them down. We tried applying masking tape to the wall to create a ‘playful obstruction’ to break his visual field and got no response. He tore the tape down. Everything we tried to bring him out of his own inner world seemed to result in failure. Then we found the Jungle Play Wall. It caught his attention, and was interactive. Even before we hung it up he showed an interest! Within days he was verbally labeling the animals. When his teacher would ask him to ‘Give me the monkey (“Daj mi majmun” in Bosnian)’ he would pick out the correct animal! We were all in tears. This is just what he needed to break the pattern and open his world to become verbal! Thanks,Pacific Kid!”

Anna Krajcin, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech Pathology Group, Walnut Creek, CA