Ocean Soft Book w/ Spanish NameTags


Put on your masks and fins, it is time for you to take a dive in...

There is so much to learn about the creatures living in the ocean. Which one is a sea mammal? There are crustaceans, mollusks, and of course, some fish too!

This all inclusive kit includes 8 characters with English and Spanish name tags: an angelfish, crab, dolphin, eel, prawn, seahorse, squid and starfish. The underwater habitat includes 2 coral reefs to swim around and hide behind.

The Velcro® on the back of each piece allows for independent arrangement upon the colorful themed background. This product is effective for structured and/or independent play.

Dimensions: 30x27 cm
High Quality Felt
Safe & Durable
Compliant with EN71 & ASTM Standards
"Fair Trade"

Age Group: 2-8 years old

  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Cognitive
  • Early Reading
  • Letter Recognition
  • Listening & Communication
  • Sharing & Cooperation
  • Fine Motor & Sensory
  • Tactile

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