Play. Learn. Grow.
About Pacific Kid.

Established in 2007, Pacific Kid is dedicated to providing the finest quality educational felt products for children. They are specific to the needs of preschool teachers, speech and hearing therapists, and parents.

Pacific Kid products are designed for one-on-one interaction with children, and to keeping the true spirit of imaginative play alive and healthy. Our products are the 21st Century version of the classic felt boards.

Andrew, Karen and their 3 young daughters started this journey by a trip to Thailand, where they developed a relationship with an amazing artist and small business owner, Arunee Versarut. Arunee's passion for quality products with the most amazing detail, and her dedication to her employees working in a cottage industry, is what made an imprint on us that will forever remain.

Our mission at Pacific Kid is to enhance early education One Stitch at a Time! Our goal is to develop a more grounded child whose cognitive and emotional foundation will be stronger through using our products.