Parents are a child's first literacy teacher. Nothing is more rewarding than sparking their imagination and raising their level of curiosity.

Embrace this special time in their lives by introducing our colorful, themed soft book kits. When your child expresses an interest in animals, you can build on this by using our Farm, Safari, and Ocean Soft Books to teach making sounds, and begin practicing speech and language development. Our Play Pads, Felt Sets, and Activity Books are open-ended; appropriate for children of different ages and developmental levels. Our artisans have applied their craft and care to each of our character pieces with the most amazing sewing, making them 3-dimensional with raised stitched work that they can actually feel.
Studies have shown that your son or daughter’s reading ability continues to improve when they receive positive feedback from parents and teachers. In turn, this helps with social engagement with others and will allow for family interaction, and enable children to spend more time with siblings and playmates.

Check out our collection of products selected for the following age groups:

► BABY 0-12 months
► TODDLER 1-3 years
► PRESCHOOLER + 3-6 years

As family members, whether you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or even a sister or a brother, you have the amazing opportunity to play an important role in encouraging a child's interest in reading early on. Whether you live close or miles apart, your influence and attention can support the child you love in becoming a strong reader.

Pacific Kid products bridge the gap between giving them a book and a toy, because they are both. Our SOFT BOOKS are the perfect starter gift for your young family member. They will love when they can unzip the book, pull all of the animal and landscape pieces off the board, and create their own story with you.

Grandparents and other elders: You can use Pacific Kid products to tell a story from your childhood that they can pass on to the next generation. You can sing "Old McDonald Had A Farm" and make all of the animal noises they like to hear over and over again. Safari, Sea, Bugs and Town are a few of many of the other themes to chose from that will match their growing interests in the world around them. Check out our collection of items chosen specifically for grandparents by clicking HERE.

As they grow into their preschool phase, our educational PLAY WALLS and PLAY PADS
will make them want to learn even more while decorating their room at the same time.