At Pacific Kid, our goal is to provide felt educational products for children that improve concentration, enhance hand-eye coordination, and encourage early literacy while having FUN!

The superior tactile features of our line make them especially effective for children with special needs. Our designs are beneficial because they succeed in helping the child learn with the utmost sensory stimulation. They are durable, engaging and safe. 

Our Character Sets can be used in conjunction with any book as an adaptation making it an interactive experience for the child. As the child progresses they can use our name tags to recognize individual letters and later realize that letters form words. When the time is right, use the name tags with the animal or other themed piece, and the child will have a direct connection through site recognition, comprehension and collaboration. We all know that their reading ability continues to improve when they receive positive feedback from interested adults.  In turn, this helps with social engagement with others and will allow for family interaction, and enable children to spend more time with siblings and playmates.

If you have any questions regarding how to choose the right products for your child with learning challenges, or need help placing an order for your school or center, please contact us directly at, or 925-789-0222.