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A remarkable tool for therapy, speech development, and special needs.

Therapists and other special needs professionals can pair our felt Character Sets and Soft Books with a favorite children's book to create connections between story telling and story building.

This interactive activity helps improve narrative skills, encourages vocabulary development, and promotes print motivation. The Velcro® on the back of each piece allows for independent arrangement upon the colorful scenery backgrounds in each Soft Book.

Using character icons as a book adaptation makes it easier for children with special needs to be able to participate in literacy activities.

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"I met a 4 year old student while volunteering in Bosnia who would spend all day staring at the wall using his peripheral vision and flapping his hands. Everything we tried to bring him out of his inner world seemed to result in failure.

Then we found the Jungle Play Wall. It caught his attention and was interactive. Within days he was verbally labeling the animals. When his teacher would ask him to ‘Give me the monkey,’ he would pick out the correct animal. We were all in tears. This is what he needed to break the pattern and open his world to become verbal. Thanks Pacific Kid!"

Anna Krajcin, M.S., CCC-SLP, Clinical Supervisor at California State University, East Bay