Car Sequencing Felt Soft Book


Understanding sequencing is a very abstract concept and can take a lot of practice. Make this a fun learning experience by having your child sequence the selected neighborhood felt pieces according to your directions. Start with a simple task such as creating a pattern with the wheels, or matching the colors of the roofs to the colors of the cars.

Once they have a strong understanding of how these objects occur in a specific and logical order, you can introduce them to sequencing events of a story such as the old classic "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." (see Character Set for "The Three Bears.")

The Velcro® on the back of each piece allows for independent arrangement upon the colorful scenery background.

Dimensions: 30x27 cm
High Quality Felt
Safe & Durable
Compliant with EN71 & ASTM Standards
"Fair Trade"

Age Group: 3-8 years old

  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Cognitive
  • Early Reading
  • Letter Recognition
  • Listening & Communication
  • Sharing & Cooperation
  • Fine Motor & Sensory
  • Tactile

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